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Classes at Pilates Center of Omaha

Reformer 1

This equipment class provides students a solid foundation of correct technique and essential reformer exercises. It is designed to establish core strength and stability. Props will be incorporated to add variety. Great for beginners and continuing students who want a basic total body reformer workout. The precursor to this class is our 5 Week Introductory Reformer Class or 3 Private Introductory Sessions. Please call402-932-7581 for more information.

Reformer, Tower and Chair

This all levels class provides a workout that will tone muscles, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating total-body workout using the Pilates Reformer, Tower and Chair. Participants must take our Introductory Reformer Class or 3-Introductory Private sessions prior to joining this class. Please call the studio at 402-932-7581 for more information.

Pilates with Props

This mat class will strengthen and lengthen your body to improve your posture, core strength and endurance. A variety of small props and equipment will be used.

All Equipment Core and Restore

This class is designed for clients who may be experiencing limitations which prevent them from participating in one of our traditional Pilates classes and/or are wanting to transition from physical therapy into a class setting. Instructors are licensed Physical Therapists and/or Certified Pilates Instructors trained in injury and special populations to ensure appropriate modifications & guidance for safe training. Participants will be guided through exercises to improve stability, flexibility, balance, endurance, and control.
**Please note: If you are currently rehabilitating an injury, this class will not serve as a substitute for Physical Therapy.


Prerequisites: Must have gone through our introductory Pilates sessions or Chronic Pain Restorative Program.
Please call 402-932-7581 for more information.


CORE Strengthening and Balance

Join us for this fun and challenging class which incorporates functional exercises to improve balance, strength and posture.  Exercises are performed with the BOSU, TRX, Resistance Tubing, and more!  All levels welcomed! 


Total Barre™

Total Barre is a high-energy class focusing on strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.  The predominantly standing workouts combine Pilates principles with dance and are driven by music.  You will increase coordination, motivation and improve movement quality.  We keep our class sizes small to allow for a safe and effective workout that pays attention to exercise essence and correct biomechanics of movement.


Aerial Pilates

Come fly with us!  This fun and challenging class blends the aerial arts with Pilates for a more 3-dimensional workout. The Pilates-style exercises on aerial apparatus are performed at a low height in a safe, supportive environment.  Join us for a new and effective way to gain strength and flexibility,  foster a mind-body connection, and feel more open and free!

Private Sessions

Private sessions with our certified Pilates instructors offer complete one-on-one training to allow for a program designed around your specific needs and goals.  A one-on-one program allows you to move and learn at your own pace and comfort zone.  Individual sessions are also great for fine tuning and making adjustments to your movements that are specific to you.  Many clients combine private sessions with group classes to experience the benefit of both settings!  

Private Sessions with a

Physical Therapist

Pilates Center of Omaha is home to two certified Pilates instructors who are also licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy.  If you are participating in Pilates following rehabilitation from an injury or are currently taking care of an injury or special need, working with one of our licensed Physical Therapists may be the best option for you.  Please call 402-932-7581 to inquire about pricing and appointment availability.

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