Latavia Dunn

Latavia Dunn instructs the following:
  • Intro to Aerial Yoga
  • Introductory to Aerial Yoga:

    Intro to Aerial Yoga is a beginner friendly class which combines traditional yoga postures with non-traditional yoga movements in an aerial yoga silk or hammock. The use of the hammock will support or suspend you to ease pressure, create space in your joints, decrease compression in your spine, and help you find more mobility. Join us for a fun and effective way to gain strength and flexibility, improve the mind-body connection and feel more open and free!

    Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

    * Decompression of the spine and tight joints

    * Increased core strength

    * Increased flexibility and balance

    * Improved posture and alignment

    * Complete relaxation

    * Deeper stretches, with less straining

    * Overall muscular strengthening

    * Increased self-esteem